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“To help individuals unlock greatness in themselves and their organizations – so that together we can make our world a better place.”

– AgileFire’s WHY

Ian Merwin profile photo

Ian Merwin

Co-Founder / Senior Lean Agile Transformation Advisor

Ian has trained, coached, and mentored individuals from a variety of  organizations; from very large organizations with “solution trains” containing multiple Agile Release Trains (ART’s) concurrently, to very small (as in no ART’s at all). Helping establish principles and practices at the, launch ART’s, establish Lean Agile Centers of Excellence (LACE) and Communities of Practice (CoP) as well as Transformation Programs, and coaching Lean-Agile leadership. Ian is responsible for training, coaching and mentoring individuals and roles at all levels from the Portfolio and Program level to the execution layers in a wide variety of industries including financial, satellite, cable and media, oil and gas, medical,
transportation, auto-manufacturing, insurance, health care, and more.

Our Lean, Agile Advisory and Coaching Services

Advisory Services

  • Executive Leadership Advisory

  • Portfolio Advisory

  • Product Management Advisory

  • SAFe ART Launches