“To help individuals unlock greatness in themselves and their organizations – so that together we can make our world a better place.”

 –  AgileFire’s WHY

Josh Aragon

Co-Founder / VP of Training & Coaching Services

Josh Aragon is a co-founder of AgileFire, a company focused on helping large enterprises find new and better ways to more quickly deliver value to the world while maintaining a respect for individuals, developing leaders, building a growth culture, and inspiring creativity and innovation in the workplace. He has spent over a decade in the personal development and human potential fields. He has contributed to two Amazon best-selling anthologies, coached clients ranging from executives at Fortune 100 companies to stay-at-home moms, and regularly speaks to individuals and audiences of all sizes and from all backgrounds throughout the world. 

SPCT SAFe 4 badge

Badge Scrum Alliance CSP Certified

IC Agile ICP-ACC Certified Professional

SAFe 4 DevOps Practitioner (SDP4) Badge

Badge Scrum Alliance CSPO Certified

SAFe 4 Release Train Engineer (RTE4) Badge

Badge Scrum Alliance CSM Certified

SAFe Exam Developer

Training from the back of the room - Certified Trainer

Ian Merwin

Co-Founder / VP of Business Development

Ian has trained, coached, and mentored at multiple organizations
from very large – with multiple Agile Release Trains (ART’s)
concurrently, to very small – no ART’s at all. He helped establish
Programs, ART’s, COE’s, COP’s, Transformation Programs, and Lean-Agile
leadership. Ian is responsible for training, coaching and mentoring
individuals and roles at all levels from the Portfolio and Program level
to the execution layers in a wide variety of industries including
financial, satellite, cable and media, oil and gas, medical,
transportation, auto-manufacturing, insurance and more.

SAFe 4 SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4) Badge

SAFe 4 DevOps Practitioner (SDP4) Badge

IC Agile ICP-ACC Certified Professional

Badge Scrum Alliance CSP Certified

Badge Scrum Alliance CSM Certified

The AgileFire Way…

[EQUIP] + Inspire + Ignite

We train all levels of the organization (execution to portfolio) in lean/agile practices and scaling

We train PM & the EPMO in the art of limiting WIP with skills of
value stream mapping, backlog refinement, sizing, and prioritization

We facilitate Agile Release Train (ART) design workshops (and tuneups)

We provide role specific training

  • Lean Agile Leaders: Leading SAFe® (SA Certification)
  • Agile Team Coaches: SAFe® Scrum Master Class (SSM Certification)
  • Product Owners and Product Management: SAFe® POPM Class (POPM Certification)
  • Release Train Engineers: SAFe® Release Train Engineer Class (RTE Certification)
  • Delivery Team Roles: SAFe® for Teams (SP Certification)
  • DevOps Culture: SAFe® DevOps Practitioner Class (SDP Certification)
  • Change Agents and Program/Enterprise Coaches: Implementing SAFe® (SPC Certification)

Train, launch, and re-launch Agile teams with Kanban/Scrum/Scrumban into their first iteration

EQUIP + [Inspire] + Ignite

We consult & advise on design and optimization of Agile Release Trains (ART’s)

We facilitate ART re-design workshops and problem solving (tune-ups)

We mentor and support Product Management (PM) in tools and techniques
to prepare program backlogs for Program Increment (PI) Planning

We coach and support Release Train Engineers (RTE’s) for readiness and support of PI planning AND execution

We coach and support the EPMO in tools and techniques to limit WIP and realized more value, faster

We coach, advise, and support Architects, Sponsors, EPMO and PM to
collaborate on Epic and Feature sized Architectural Enablers to support
the right balance of business and architectural value

We coach and support Scrum Masters to build high performing teams on
core lean agile principles and applying the right lean agile principles,
methodologies, and frameworks

EQUIP + Inspire + [Ignite]

We impart the “Art of Possible” attitude in organizations — the very foundation of a culture of experimentation and Kaizen

We coach organizations to anchor change to a proven change management framework

We advise, co-design, and facilitate empathy interviews, agile
maturity self-assessments, and team health checks to provide feedback
and inform organizations how to proceed on the path of Kaizen

We introduce and inspire the adoption of modern leadership principles for core changes that can truly impact company culture

We coach all levels of management/leadership to support ART’s (Pre
and Post launch) and inspire a culture of Kaizen, experimentation, trust
and transparency

We coach organizations to think: problem first – then solution (what problem are we trying to solve?)