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Agile teams are POWERFUL.

A stable and persistent collection of talented individuals aligned with the strategic initiatives of the organization and Product Management. They have a well refined and prioritized backlog of work which they self-organize around and plan how to deliver. This cross-functional team executes in short iterations; delivering smaller increments of value; allowing for faster feedback cycles. These cycles give opportunity for course corrections as new knowledge is gleaned with each inspection point.

Agile at the team level is easy.

What about a TEAM of TEAMS?

Just think what you can accomplish with a TEAM of TEAMS. SAFe® (the Scaled Agile Framework) calls this the “Agile Release Train” or ART. This is an incredibly powerful collection of talent organized around the coordinated delivery of larger bodies of work with impressive proven results like:

  • 10-50% happier, more motivated employees
  • 30-75% faster time to market
  • 25-75% defect reduction
  • 20-50% increase in productivity

Agile at the Team of Teams level is hard.

Free help for you Team of Teams

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AgileFire – Your ART Launch Specialists

Large room with several round tables full of people doing scaled agile training

Leverage our highly experienced Transformation Consultants to launch your next ART

Have you seen the backwards bike video? Great quote and reminder from that video: “Knowledge does not equal understanding.”

AgileFire coaches have a lot more than  knowledge enough to teach the Scaled Agile Framework – we understand it. This understanding comes from years of IMPLEMENTING the framework.

So, whether it’s launching new ART programs, or tuning up existing ones – we can help. Request a free call today!