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AgileFire Agile Coach Bootcamp 2019

Are you a Scrum Master or Agile Coach wondering about your future? Discover your next steps, add new tools to your professional toolbox, and build confidence by attending our Agile Coach Boot Camp!

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Implementing SAFe® 4.6

with SPC Certification

Chicago, Illinois – May 21st-24th 2019

Join Dwayne Stroman (SPCT) for training with the latest Scaled Agile Framework materials (v. 4.6) in Chicago – preparing you to take your SAFe® SPC certification exam!

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Business Agility

Not just for development teams anymore!

10-50% happier/more motivated employees.
30-75% faster time to market.
20-50% increase in productivity.
25-75% better quality.

How is your Lean Agile Success Program© going?

Not good? Don’t know? AgileFire can help!

Transformation Services

It doesn’t mater what line of business or industry you are in; it doesn’t matter the size of the company; and it surely doesn’t matter how long you’ve been “doing agile” – as the challenge’s remain the same:

  • Lack of transparency and organizational alignment
  • Too much work in flight
  • Lack of progress & failed projects
  • Stifling process

Just to name a few – there are SO many more!

Now, successful transformations can start anywhere, but eventually cut across and align the enterprise – Business AND Technology. Your Lean Agile Success Program needs to know what it is they must do and like everyone else – apply an iterative, small batch approach to change. Celebrate the wins. Plan-Do-Check-Adjust. Rinse and repeat.  We can help!

So what does this mean for you and your organization? Click here to request a call with one of our Agile Transformation Experts and see what your next steps should be!

Training Services

Everyone can appreciate the value of excellent training, but that’s not enough. A great quote from the ‘Backwards Bike’ video – “Knowledge in not equal to Understanding.”  At AgileFire: we’ve been told we have some of the best trainers in the industry with knowledge AND more importantly – understanding.

There is no substitute for wisdom attained through years of experience implementing change in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

We are confident we can provide your organization with the best lean agile education and certification experience you need — with both public and private group training options available. We have a pragmatic, value driven, and outcome based approach to everything we do.

Click here to find out about what we offer and why you would choose AgileFire to prepare you and your team for agile success.

Equip. Inspire. Ignite.

Internal Coach Development Program

Are you needing help with your Lean Agile journey and finding it nearly impossible to find the right mix of internal and external support?

Good coaches are nearly impossible to find and yet quite often they are within arms reach! Most of the highly regarded Agile Coaches out there were once developers, QA analysts, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.  Stop wasting precious time and money hoping to find (and hire) that elusive “unicorn” — and grow your own!

Our Lean Agile Success Program and approach was designed to help organizations develop the right internal folks into exceptional agile leaders and coaches. The key is identifying the right people, providing the right guidance, and giving them access to the right mentoring. Then, add equal portions of time and patience — and you will achieve sustainable organizational agility infinitely faster than trying to hire it in.

Click here to take control of your agile journey!

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