Why AgileFire Training?

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Solving the Training Problem

Which class is right for you? How do you choose the best trainers? Should you host a private class or attend a public one? How do you know the class is ACTUALLY going to run?

#1 – 100% Guaranteed Class Delivery

Large room with several round tables full of people doing scaled agile training
AgileFire Trainers delivering “Big Room Training” for a customer

We don’t overbook the calendar – so what we schedule, we run. Guaranteed! Seriously, you don’t have us to call and say “are you sure it’s going to run?” – because we’re sure!

#2 – Exceptional Experiences

4+ out of 5 star rating

Stop taking chances with your training…

The reviews speak for themselves – so, no need to look any further! Latest results (cumulative) have our average scores for Knowledge and Facilitation at 4.7 and 4.6. That’s for ALL AgileFire trainers combined! Consistent quality you can count on.

#3 – No Hidden Fees

Name badge with Hello I Am Your New Best Friend

Unlike others – we don’t tack on a “service” fee at checkout. We offer Early-bird and group discounts, but the price you see is the price you pay – no surprises!

#4 – Free Lunch

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? One reason we provide healthy lunches during our training is so we can ensure we stick to our time-boxes and still answer lots of questions!

#5 – Support AFTER the class

The classes are great and all – but you need more than that to pass the exam. We support you after the class with a group chat, study groups, tips and tricks, and more. We help you understand the material by answering your questions as your prepare for the test.

Solving the Transformation Problem