Chalk sketch of iterative Agile circles

Scrum / Kanban Team Launches

New to agile or already have a few teams? We have trained and launched thousands of people into Scrum, Kanban, and XP teams. One or many – we can help you build an agile organization today.

Advanced Scrum Master Course

Agile Readiness and Maturity Review

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough review of your organizations readiness for, and adoption of, agile. Whether you’re new to agile or already up and running, we can provide some immediately actionable guidance on how you can move forward today!

Six women product owners diagraming the user journey

Agile Team & Program Tune-Ups

One of the most important, but often overlooked opportunities for improvement in your organization is through the coaching of existing teams. Optimizing teams and programs is an art and our experts have turned many underperforming individual teams into high-performing value focused programs.

Man holding transformation screen

Lean-Agile Transformation Consulting

Our enterprise and program level transformation consultants are some
of the most experienced and highest rated in the industry. As former
Rally Software/CA coaches we have worked with and scaled agile at some
of the largest companies in the world.

Small Agile team break out discussion

Agile Team / Program Coaching

Whether your business has been doing agile for a week, a month, or a decade, the need for highly experienced and qualified coaches is paramount to the success of your business. As former Rally Software coaches our team and program level coaches are the best when it comes to agile coaching. You’ve done your best to hire the most talented and qualified people for your teams. AgileFire is your partner when you’re ready for our coaches to help steer your organization in the right direction!

Class room with student explaining at poster board

Lean Agile Leadership Coaching

In our experience leadership can either make or break an agile transformation with little to no effort. Often times it’s not intentional, but rather the focus on the team training and coaching that leaves leadership in the dark when it comes to the overall transformation process and leaderships‘ role in it. We work with executives to craft the message, tip the organization and guide their company to a successful implementation of agile. Our team of coaches has diverse experience across multiple industries when it comes to working with executive and C-level teams. Give us a call today and learn how we can help you navigate the complex waters of change in your organization.