What a great question! I have been a ‘coach’ for many years, and still lack many of the strengths I see in others (I’m more of a change agent than a coach)

Empathy — if you can’t share the pain of your client, can’t relate to how they are feeling, and can’t share their painful moments, than its really tough to coach. I like the phrase “they dont care what you know until they know that you care”.

Outside the Box thinking — if they already knew what to do they probably would have done it already ( but not always). A coach has to present alternatives, options, and healthfully challenge the status quo.

Systems Thinking — most of my clients struggle with understanding the entire system they work in, instead applying local optimization which generally makes things worse. Being able to help the client visualize and understand the underlying system is the first step to improving it.

Founded on Principles — If you are not founded on tried and tested principles then you will wander as a coach. I face many situations everday where there is no scripted answer; my understanding and belief in the Agile Manifesto, Lean Thinking, and SAFe principles is my go to every time (at least, thats what I try to do )

Passion — if you don’t love what you do, don’t gain incredible pleasure and joy from others success, then you are in the wrong field. I was lucky, I found I had the passion for what I love to do, not everyone is that lucky. True servant leadership (Robert Greenleaf) is vital to this role.

Burning Desire to Improve — ask yourself how badly do you want to learn and improve? Ask yourself each day “what did I learn today? How did I move the industry thinking forward today?”. If that is too much work, than this field may not be for you.

Hope this helps, and if this is your career path I hope you find great joy and fulfillment in your career.