Enterprise Transformation Coach (ETC) Training & Certification

Coaching Break out session

Aware of the benefits of hosting your own classes?

Collaborative Facilitation

What does it mean to facilitate vs teach vs coach? How can you do it in a more collaborative way?  We will explore and practice a more collaborative method of facilitation with hands on exercises, research based training, and more.

Professional Speaking

Speaking and presenting are central to many coaching roles today. Learning effective methods of delivery and speaking are key to your success as a coach.

Professional Coaching

As a coach it’s important that you learn how to effectively coach and be coached by others. We will walk through various methods of coaching and give you the tools and skills you need to be successful as an Agile Coach.

Mentoring Your Teams

When you take of the coaching and training hats how can you effectively become a mentor for either your teams or new coaches in your business? We will equip you with ideas, practices, and methods of mentoring for success.

Brain Science Based Training

Based off the groundbreaking work of Sharon Bowman and her ‘Training from the Back of the Room’ methods we will introduce you to concepts and ideas that will prepare you for a successful training career.

(*Training from the Back of the Room is a separate class that we also offer.)

Coaching at Scale

Coaches today need to be equipped with the latest tools and equipment that enable them to deliver their services at scale across campuses, states, and other countries. We will share tips, techniques, and tools we have found useful in scaling up coaching.